Pastor's Greeting

Welcome, fellow Disciples!

Saint Vincent de Paul Parish is a community of Missionary Disciples. As such, we are people of faith who have had a living encounter with the Lord Jesus and have a burning desire to share that encounter with others. Visitors and new parishioners are always welcome! If you wish to register in our Parish, please begin by introducing yourself to me after any Mass. We hope you will join us each week on this journey of discipleship with your prayers, presence, and talents.


Rev. Stephen H. Paolino


Annual Parish Pastoral Report

An annual Parish Pastoral Report is submitted to the archdiocese each year to provide specified statistical data to our Archbishop to help him identify current pastoral issues and set priorities for the future. Our Parish Pastoral Council also reviews these statistics to help us assess the current
state of the parish and plan for the future.

Each year I provide the parish at large with this summary with the hope that prayerful reflection on the raw data helps each parish organization — and each parishioner — in setting priorities.