Saturday, April 20th in the Church Hall

Admission: $10 per adult

* All proceeds this year will benefit the “Helping Hands” meal packing event which helps bring 10,000 meals to our brothers and sisters in need around the world.

6:00pm – Hall Opens, Check-in begins

7:00pm – Round 1 Begins

10:00pm – Awards Ceremony (approximate time)

To register, please click this link:

Payment will be due at check-in. Please bring cash or a check payable to “St. Vincent de Paul Parish”.

Each team can be from 4-10 people. If you have a larger group, please split yourselves into two teams. Please let us know this and we will be sure to seat you next to each other.

All food and drink is “BYO”. We will provide bottled water and table cloths. Each team is also responsible for cleaning up their own table at the end of the evening. Trash cans will be available.

Trivia Night is played as 8 rounds of 10 questions each. Each round will feature questions and clues from a particular category. Each answer is generally worth 1 point. Medals will be awarded to teams who finish in 1st through 3rd place, and the 1st place team will be crowned as “2024 Trivia Night Champions” and will be awarded the coveted “St. Vincent Trivia Night Cup”! Their team name and year will be engraved on the cup for all of eternity.

“Mulligans” will be sold during check-in at a rate of 4 for $20. A “Mulligan” counts as a free answer during the game. No more than 2 Mulligans can be used per round, however there will be two rounds during much multiple Mulligans can be used. We will announce those as we go along.

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Team Trivia Night 2024 FAQ’s

1.) What is it?

This is a fun night for adults only (ages 21+) to come together to have fun and to help raise funds for our “Helping Hands” meal packing event. It will be on Saturday, April 20th in the Church Hall. The Hall will open at 6:0am for check-in and setup. Round One begins at 7:00pm. It will run until approximately 10:00pm or so. There will be 8 Rounds of 10 questions.

2.) How much does it cost?

$10 per person. This year we have decided to use Trivia Night to help raise funds for our “Helping Hands” meal-packing event which will take place later in the year. This event helps to provide 10,000 meals for our brothers and sisters in need overseas.

3.) How can I register?

Registration can be done through our website. Registration is done by table as a team, since the idea is it is a “team trivia” event. Each team comes up with the answers to each round. A “table” can be any number of people from 4 to a maximum of 10 people. If you have more than 10 people interested, just register as two teams and we will put your tables next to each other. We will provide the tables, chairs, and tablecloths, the rest is up to you… and your imagination! I have known people to even bring beach chairs instead… see the next item for more info.

4.) So what’s the deal with this “theme” thing?

Each group is encouraged (not required) to come up with a theme that becomes their team name, decorations, and costumes (yes, costumes) and even their food if they want. This is optional, however. You can simply “come as you are” and just have a fun time. Just be sure to bring food and drinks to share! We will provide some bottled water, but the meal and beverages are up to each team.

5.) So, what would be some examples of a table “theme”?

– “Clue” (have the board game on the table with decorations being the weapons from the game, you could dress up as Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, whatever)

– “Tailgate” (dress in your favorite jerseys and have some “tailgate food” on the table)

– “A Day at the Beach” (use beach chairs to sit down, wear Hawaiian shirts, have frozen drinks)

Just have fun with it! And again, if you don’t want to do this, it is purely optional. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing what people come up with!

6.) So how will the game work?

There will be 8 rounds of 10 questions and each table provides one answer sheet so you can talk among the table and come up with one answer for the table. After the round is over, the sheets are brought to the scoring table and the answers are given to the group after the sheets are handed in. Topics will be broad ranging from pop culture, to history, art, music, whatever. We will check the running scoreboard over the course of the night.

7.) What kind of prizes will there be?

Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. The 1st place team will also be awarded the coveted “St. Vincent Trivia Night Cup”. Awards will also be given out for: Best Table Theme, Best Individual Costume, and Best Food and Drink.

8.) How do I sign up?

Visit: to register online. You can also call the Parish Office if you need assistance.

9.) What if we need to adjust the size of our team after we register?

No problem! Just register your table now for as many people as you may think you might have, and the night of the game, you can let us know when you arrive, however please note the maximum team size of 10 people. If your group is larger than that, we will ask you to split into two teams since our table arrangements will hold a maximum of 10 people. You can sit next to each other, however.

10.) What if I have more questions?

Just come and see what it is all about! This is an event that just needs to be experienced. Otherwise, if you have a pressing question that you just need answered, don’t worry! Just email me at: