November: The Month of the Holy Souls

The week of All Saints and All Souls really is a special time of year. It almost provides us with a sort of “mini-retreat” over these days as we reflect on an important aspect of our spiritual lives: our journey.

We are reminded on all Saints Day that we are on our journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a journey that began at our Baptism when our souls, washed clean of sin, were oriented toward Heaven. Sadly, due to the effects of sins that we commit throughout our lives, our souls become “dis-oriented” on that journey, and we are thrown off track. Thankfully, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we can be “re-oriented” on that journey.

As we move along this month of November, let us take time to pray for the Souls in Purgatory, who have finished their earthly journey, and are awaiting their entrance into Heaven. We pray especially for the souls of those people who have no one to pray for by name.

One of the nice traditional practices of the month of the Holy Souls is to plan a visit to a cemetery and to pray for the souls of those who are buried there.

While the practice of “selling” indulgences was banned a long time ago, the spiritual practice of “Earning Indulgences” is still very much alive, and encouraged. Below you will find some links to helpful resources on the topic of praying for the Holy Souls during this month of November. Please take some time and pray for these souls since someday, we will counted among them.

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