The 2024 Mass Book will open on: Monday, April 24th at 8:30am in the Berulle Conference Room.

Both Announced & Unannounced Mass Intentions are being accepted, along with requests for Sanctuary Lamp and Bread & Wine Memorials, which is new to our Parish. Announced Masses are scheduled during the 2024 Calendar Year for an offering of $10, and Unnanounced Masses will be celebrated, privately, by a priest for an offering of $5.

New this year: for a $20 offering, your intention will be remembered with the lighting of the Sanctuary Lamp in either the Chapel or Church (your choice, based on availability) for the week, or with the Bread & Wine that will be used for Consecration throughout a given week (again, your choice based on availability). These memorials will be published each week in the Newsletter.

To allow as many people as possible to request intentions during the first few weeks, we are placing a temporary restriction of a maximum request of 5 Daily and 2 Sunday Masses, along with a maximum of 3 Sanctuary Lamp and 3 Break & Wine Memorials.

You can click below for a request form that you can print & fill out and bring with you to request your Mass intentions. This will assist you in preparing for your visit. It is highly recommended that you come in person to make your request and NOT to send this form in, in the event your requested dates are not available.

If you have any questions, please check with Fr. Paolino.

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